NEW ‘Fundamentals of Photography’ Course

We recently reviewed the workshops we offer and are really excited to release this new ‘Fundamentals of Photography‘ Course. Operating over 3 consecutive Sunday’s ensures comfortable incremental learning so you don’t become overwhelmed. It is a comprehensive digital photography course which will give you a solid foundation and the confidence to start exploring other creative genres of photography such as street, portrait, landscape and macro. … Read more

Aperture Club hits the front page of SMH

Exciting times when you are told your image will be used on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald! Sharon Hickey’s image of this Aperture Club photography group, taken during the ‘Bays Precinct Discovery Day’ (12 April 2015) will be used as part of an advertisement by the event organisers; UrbanGrowthNSW. It will appear on the front page of The … Read more

Vivid – Light in Motion

We are excited to release our new Vivid photo workshops for 2015. We have doubled the number of workshops on offer this year and extended the duration to 2.5 hours. As always, The Aperture Club group size is small; a maximum of just 10 photo enthusiasts. We then have not 1 but 2 professional photographers with you, so everyone gets some personalised ‘one-on-one’ tuition … Read more

FREE Aperture Club photo workshops @ the ‘Bays Precinct Discovery Day’ 12 Apr

The Aperture Club is excited to be involved in the ‘Bays Precinct Discovery Day’ next Sunday, 12 April 2015. You will be entertained by a FREE program of activities at key Discovery Sites, including Blackwattle Bay, Rozelle Bay, Glebe Island, White Bay Power Station, as well as White Bay Cruise Terminal. The Aperture Club will be … Read more

HOW2 – Capture the ‘Candid’ moment

Welcome to The Aperture Club’s HOW2 tips. Today we look at one of the most exciting genres of photography; portraiture and the ‘candid’ moment. Good portraiture is about the photographer knowing how to obtain the desired expression from the model. A great tip for striking a ‘candid’ portrait is to fire the shutter when the … Read more