NEW 2-Day Lightroom Workshop

Do you love taking photographs but freeze up at the thought of processing your images digitally?  Does the thought of setting black and white points, exposure adjustment, localised corrections and split toning make you want to run for the door?  You are not alone…

Many people find processing software intimidating, but understanding the basics will empower you to work with your photographs in a whole new way. This NEW 2-day Lightroom Workshop will demystifies the world of digital processing. Your experienced tutor Brian Bird, will introduce you to efficient software for managing, processing, developing and printing your photographs:  Adobe Lightroom. Starting at the beginning you will learn how to import and process your images using the basic functions of the software, before moving on to more advanced features.  You will learn about storing your images, lens correction, colour management, creating and using presets, sharpening at both ends of the pipeline and more.

Limited Places: Maximum of just 8 participants per workshop

Dates: 2-3 May and 1-2 Aug 2015

Location: The Studio in Chippendale

Investment: $495

Read the full details and book here.