Photography 101, the building blocks of photography learning

As part of the evolution of our photography workshops we have rearranged them into two streams, the basics in ‘Photography 101‘ and more advanced photography in our ‘Creative Workshops’.

Our ‘Photography 101‘ series includes up to 5 workshops (although you can choose as few or as many as you wish, depending on your existing skill-set), and represent the building blocks of practical photography learning and include; Photo 1: Getting to Know Your DSLR, Photo 2: From AUTO to Manual and Photo 3: Understanding Your Flash.

If you are interested in photography and want to take that first step, Photography 101 is the perfect place to start. These first 3 workshops can be taken in a single weekend, or spread over successive weekends to suit you. The next Photo 1: Get to Know Your DSLR workshop is scheduled for Saturday 18 October. This 6-hour small group workshop is $195. Come and say hello… Want to know more about our workshops?