Sharon Hickey on Assignment at Boomalli

The Euraba Artists and Papermakers was founded by nine senior Goomeroi women from the communities of Boggabilla and Toomelah in North Western NSW. They represent the only Aboriginal community in Australia to produce handmade paper and paper products from 100% cotton fabric off-cuts donated by local clothing manufacturers. The paper is made by cutting up the rag, cooking it then beating it to a pulp which is then formed by hand into individual sheets of paper.

Stella O’Halloran is one of those founding woman and has just opened an exhibition, ‘The River Tells Many Stories’ at the Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative in Leichhardt. Stella is exhibiting with her daughter Thelma Bartman. The Aperture Club’s Sharon Hickey was there to capture events on the opening night. The exhibition is on now. Visit for full details.