The Portrait Exposed’, NEW Photo Workshop

The Aperture Club has just released an exciting NEW photography workshop focussing on the intimacy of portraiture, called The Portrait Exposed.

This is an exciting and practical workshop where you learn to produce strong emotive and interesting portraits utilising the beautiful characteristics of natural light. Working with a model is a great way to learn how to pose and communicate with your subject.

In this workshop we explore the fundamentals of portraiture and learn techniques that will best help you communicate your ideas. You will learn how to understand the variables of natural light, and how use these tools to achieve a variety of interesting styles and looks. Create powerful and engaging images while exploring the hip lane-ways around Chippendale and Central Park.

Course Format
TUTORS: 1 professional Photographer Sharon Hickey and photographers Assistant. Subject to group size

MODEL: Included in the course fee

CLASS SIZE: Min 4/ Maximum 10

DAY OF OPERATION: Selected Saturdays

TIME: 12.30pm to 6.30pm

LOCATION: Chippendale. A 10 minute walk from Central Station. By bus, travel to Central Park opposite UTS. Walk across the park to Wellington Street. Car Parking Station in UTS, check website for fees.
We will use the studio as a base for our discussion on portraiture and light and move into the Chippendale area for practical assignments.

The Course
A powerful portrait can challenge, enlighten, or disturb you. This is created by the connection between the photographer and their subject – the magical moment in time that captures an essence of your subject.

Whether you are taking portraits of family and friends, for business, or to produce creative portraits for exhibitions, it is important to understand the tools and qualities that make portraiture compelling and memorable.

We look at how to implement important decision-making processes as well as explore technical aspects of composition and lighting. We examine what the white balance icons mean and how changing the white balance affects the image. We learn how to use a high and low contrast range to create mood and atmosphere. We explore the use of bouncing and diffusing light and how to best shoot portraits in a variety of outdoor situations.

Understanding how to pose people and communicate your ideas takes time and practice. We give you plenty of opportunities to set up situations where you will gain confidence in directing and actualising your ideas.

What’s Covered?
Discussion on portraiture and its various genres
A quick overview on creative controls
Memory, pixels, file sizes, and storage
Fill Flash techniques
How to diffuse and bounce light
Understand the nature of light
Exposing for highlight and for shadows
Advanced and creative composition
Lens perspective overview
How to pose your subject
How to work with your model and communicate your ideas
Setting a mood and creating atmosphere
How to pick your backgrounds and set a style

We hope to see you at one of our workshops very soon.

The Aperture Club Team

Sharon Hickey: 0411 370 577

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